Professional arranger

Professional, well established arrangement is the success not only of the composer, but each artist. Arrangement enriches and diversifies the instrument created by the composer work. The musician also cares that his song has given a special arrangement style, uniqueness and helped it to become a real hit. Arrangement-this is a huge step in creating any musical composition. It requires the knowledge of classical musician of the laws of harmony, musical styles, knowledge of timbre intersections and laws of acoustics, skills matching and create the desired sound, its coloring and effects, and much more. In addition, to create professional arrangements need professional high quality equipment.

Segei Koshevoy

specialized in the creation of soundtracks, minus one, the arrangements under the order of any musical genres, styles and levels of complexity. A professional musician, arranger, composer, has extensive experience in this area. The work uses the most advanced equipment and advanced specialized software that allows you to make high-quality musical arrangement is guaranteed for each client. When you create the arrangement takes into account all wishes of the customer, and use the entire own practical experience and their professional flair to get as much as a good result.

Production time arrangements:

The process of making a musical arrangement of the order takes from 3 to 15 days.

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